Saturday Man Candy: Superfly Henry Cavill

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sm17Shhhh … easy now ladies, we understand the excitement. A new Superman is coming to town … and he’s got a very impressive “stocking” ;). In case, you haven’t heard, the man behind the very fine spandex is a strapping Brit named Henry Cavill, haha, you know us and sexy foreigners with accents, pisshh.


Henry Cavill is a man of many faces, and a delish bod you’ll never forget. This hot 6’1 tower of super sexiness has had quite a career since his big screen debut in 2002 in The Count of Monte Cristo, following a long list of sexy roles, including a spicy Showtime series role in The Tudors.

Warner Bros. couldn’t have chosen a sexier man to fill the tights as the latest incarnation of eternal heartthrob Superbuff .. ahem we meant ‘Superman’.

hhmmm, we can just picture him … giving us a come…

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