Twins For Equal Rights

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I received this post on my Facebook page by one of my friends from South America. They are two identical twins expressing their thoughts on equal rights regarding marriage. For those of you who don’t understand Spanish here’s a rough translations from left upper corner down; I’m Adam and I’m gay. I’m Stephen and I’m straight. We’re identical twins.  We both deserve equal rights to marriage. It’s sweet, but considering recent events in my life, I would go a step further by saying; We all deserve EQUAL RIGHTS period in any facet of life.

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  1. dannyboi2 dijo:

    Reblogged this on dannyboi2 and commented:
    This kinda sets a precedence. i wish I didn’t need to point out these type of Blogs as for myself ” To each his own ” But, for the Haters and Insecure the more they see it the more it becomes familiar…


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